Can one become 'too experienced'?

With a fine art degree and many many years building a 'vast array' of 'creative' skills - to my most recent 8+ years as the 'Senior Multimedia Producer' with a major London university, I find myself freelancing and coaching once again...

A very good friend of mine (who was at art college with me and later became the head of that art college) - sent me this saying, by way of encouragement:

"Thousands of hours of finely-honed skill-sets can never be replaced by any amount of youthful enthusiasm"

There is an 'interesting trend' in some companies and higher education facilities, to bring in the young and inexperienced (albeit enthusiastic), to replace the wisdom, knowledge and practicality of those more experienced.

I am happy to say that I have managed to secure, produce and deliver very good freelance work - the advantages we have of online marketing in today's techie world...

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