I have been creating both, traditional and digital ('raster' and 'vector') illustrations, for many years... (having first graduated in Fine Art)
Here is a 'mixed bag' of some of my work
Pipe Welding illustration

Remote Pipe Welding illustration - based on supplied blue-prints

PVC Apron illustration

Apron illustration and design to promote canned foods. (This was a 'real apron' giveaway)

Tatsu game pack

Illustration and layout for a game box

book illustration (in 3D)

A series of 3D illustrations for a short children's story my wife wrote

Frog toon
frog on deckchair cartoon
Frog toon vector

vector illustration for UTA airline poster #utaairlines

UltraMel  Custard

One of a series of designs and illustrations for Clover Dairy packs

RW Tools illustration

Illustration for an advertising campaign

Nelson Mandela

Mandela - based on the 3D model I made a while ago

Pretoria Gov building

Watercolour - commissioned illustration

IBM posters

A series of ads and posters for IBM

coffee promo poster

Self promotion poster I illustrated and distributed, to show the range of media I work in - circa 1990

'Christmas Kids' - greeting card

The unfinished concept illustration for a greeting card

another pencil drawing

From a series of commissioned colour pencil illustrations for a TV movie series - circa 1990


My one and only scraperboard illustration

Father Christmas card illustration

Father Christmas greeting card illustration

Heart to Brain

a digital illustration created in Illustrator, Photoshop and Painter

Tramadol advert

Illustration for adverts

knee medical illustration

one of several medical illustrations I was commissioned to make - this for Merke Sharp & Dohme

'Ready and waiting' preview

'Ready and waiting' preview

'Ready and Waiting' - final

'Ready and Waiting' - final illustration

iPad Lion illustration

Illustrated on my iPad Pro - initially as a sketch

Home made boot watercolour illustration.

My Illustration of an actual boot I made

Scholl shoe illustration

Scholl Shoe - one of a series of shoe illustrations I did

Leopard Head

recently completed oils on canvas

Farmer Brown

Farmer Brown eggs character illustration

Snail Man

B/W version of an earlier illustration I did for an editorial article


One from my self-promo poster

Taytoes watercolor

Watercolour illustration

Premium label preview

N0n-alcoholic wine lable design

as if painted by Old Masters

a newspaper commission to illustrate our royal family, as if they were painted by the old masters. #royalfamily

Eastwood poster

Commissioned series of promo ads and posters - for 'forthcoming TV / movie attractions' - circa 1990

Mercedes truck brochure illustration

Mercedes truck - brochure illustration - One of the last 'traditional airbrush' illustrations I produced some years ago

Tin Illustrations

Two of the many tin designs and illustrations I have done over the years...

Panic Room illustration

Panic Room info graphic for a newspaper article

co-joined twins medical illustration

For a news article on co-joined twins

food line art / illustration

A B/W line illustration for a food advert

Newspaper info graphics

Newspaper info graphics - some of the many I illustrated

Little Wars

One of three concept illustrations - (combination of 2D and 3D elements)

Wedding commissioned illustration

commissioned illustration - based on supplied photographs

Felix cat food

I illustrated the original Felix Cat food illustrations for a few years (way back)

Chimp - see nothing

'Chimp - see nothing' digital illustration

Cricketer illustration

Commissioned cricketer illustration - inks on board

'Slo-Mag' runner illustration

Commissioned illustration for the 'Slo-Mag' energy drink

Dancing Money Box Pig

An 'early' digital illustration commissioned by the agency Greys

Spice Fantasy

one of three illustrations for a spice brochure

horse racing sketch

horse racing sketch for vector illustration

Lion - iPad art

a recent iPad Pro sketch (with iPencil)

oils on canvas

I've added this just to demonstrate the range of my work and media

Recipe 3D /2D mix

I prepare some illustrations in 3D before re-working them in Photoshop or Painter

At the Christmas window

A rough concept for a greeting card I produced (some time back) while with Watermark Publishing

Mega ice creams

Part of a commissioned series of illustrations - Combination of 'traditional' and 'digital' execution.

Chilies - digital illustration

One of several illustrations for Crosse & Blackwell food range labels - illustrated in Painter and Photoshop

CrackerJack cheese

CrackerJack cheese illustration

hoodie sketch

sketched in SketchBook for a proposed news article

Dyant advert

line and tone illustration - traditional pen and ink on textured paper

Poster illustrations

Somewhat self-explanatory - mixed media

Cambodian Gran and child

One of a series of large canvas paintings, based on my trip to Cambodia #cambodia

Cambodia street trading

From my trip to Cambodia - acrylics on large canvas

Gull - vector illustration

originally a watercolour illustration, I then turned into a vector

He-Man poster  - oils

'He-Man' & 'Masters of the Universe' - limited poster I was commissioned to paint

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