'info graphics', 'kinetic typographic, 'explainer / teaching videos' -  can greatly enhance the user's learning experience and levels or retention...

They can be simple or complex and in a variety of styles and formats - and of course in 2D or 3D, static or animated, depending on the target market, aim, or topic and subject matter.

The samples shown here were made for higher education, distance learning projects...

Applications I work with include: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote, Cinema4D, Clip Studio EX, After Effects, Apple Motion, Final Cut, Articulate (Storyline), Captivate, Camtasia, Adobe Audition, Dreamweaver...

(plus several others)

'whiteboard' style animation for 'The Internet of Things' distance learning (MOOC) course

short outtake animation clip from a larger 'Executive Law' online project.

Concept preview for Deloitte Info video

'visual aid' animated element / explainer video - part of an online course for 'Executive Law'

'Stick Man' intro preview for Deloitte Info video

Another whiteboard' style explainer video and part of 'The Internet of Things' distance learning (MOOC) course

'whiteboard' intro for online Law course

'visual aid' animated element - part of an online course for 'Executive Law'

Another MOOC video - William Shakespeare - with drawings

'whiteboard' /'Explainer' animation concept preview

Short montage clips from various projects

Another 'kinetic type' and 'dynamic text' sample mix

One of the many online / distance learning videos I produced - filmed, edited, animated etc

Part of an 'advanced' PowerPoint demonstration I presented in a workshop to demonstrate some of the newer features of both, PowerPoint and Keynote.

Short montage of 'kinetic'/motion' clips from  various projects

Another style of distance learning video and animation.

Another of the 'on-site'  videos I produced for distance learning - filmed, edited, animated etc

a revised into sequence for the PLM animation

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