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Before returning to the UK, I was with Saatchi & Saatchi as a consultant Creative Director and prior to that, I established and directed two multimedia / design ventures.  


I was based near London for 18+ years*... focusing on the multimedia / rich media / interactive creative arena - I was the Senior Multimedia Creative Producer for King's College London - In addition to leading and mentoring the multimedia team, the role included - filming, editing, 2D/3D animation, graphics, illustration, UI/UX, HTML5, providing workshops and advising SMEs ++

More recently I have filmed and produced interviews, 'explainer/training' animations and videos for Deloitte, HM Revenue & Customs, Imperial College London, Cranfield University and several churches -
- Plus several online / remote projects -


To view some of my 'fine art' work >.> 

I work on PC and Mac - using a 'vast array' of software -  including - Adobe CC Suite (2021).

Final Cut Pro . Cinema 4D . Painter . MS Office / Powerpoint . Keynote . Audition. Poser . ZBrush (4R7) .  . Camtasia . Captivate . Articulate (Storyline) . Adobe Acrobat Pro . Vue - ++

I have a well-equipped studio, enabling me to photograph, film / video, (HD & 4k),

from storyboarding / concept, to pre and post production -

[and my experience has even extended into 'interactive', streaming, CMS, LMS, html, CSS, Javascript & web skills.]

"Besides his wealth of knowledge, his exceptional talent and a vast range of experience and skills, Ian is also committed to humanitarian activities and is actively engaged in community and charitable work. This says much for his character and personality.
As a retired Design School head myself, and having employed and worked with many lecturers, tutors, researchers etc over the last 32 years I would certainly recognize the rare combination of skills and knowledge that Ian would be able to contribute at any level."

Tony Russell - retired Head of Sultan Art and Design College, Natal South Africa -

[and former art college colleague]

"I have known Ian for well over 15 years, having worked with him on both 2D and 3D projects in the media industry. As a traditional Graphic Artist and Illustrator who had transitioned from creating artwork 'by hand' to computer generated graphics, I hadn't yet used any 3D software. Ian helped me to learn Cinema 4D and Poser, and his teaching style was both inspiring and nurturing.
Ian has a superior knowledge of design and illustration. He constantly keeps up-to-date with software programme updates and learning new ones. His technical ability is second to none, and I would highly recommend Ian as a tutor to anyone wanting to improve their technical skills, learning from a master. I wouldn't be where I am today without Ian's expert advice and encouragement."

Kathryn George - KG Design, New Zealand

I would describe myself as a 'true multimedia creative' who first graduated with a Fine Art degree, before continuing studying Graphics, Photography and (early) Multimedia... I Initially worked in graphic design & illustration... While never ceasing to add to my creative skills along the way, I have worked for and with both, large international and 'small' (boutique) design agencies, universities, direct clients, as well as design/interactive studios and film/video studios and production houses ... while also providing a client-direct creative service to several well-known international companies -

such as Coca-Cola, Air France, Barclays Bank, Ciba Geigy, GlaxoSmithKline, Proctor & Gamble,

News International, HMRC, Imperial College London, King's College London & Deloitte

and most recently (up to September 2019) with Cranfield University.

Buz Logo
Remote Pipe Welder illustration
Quench drink can design
'BWS C26T31' 3D model
Tramal / Tramadol medical ad
Nelson Mandela - 3D model
Squirrel 5 new watermarked sm
Panic Room News Illustration
Cover intro scene Final
Frog toon - UTA
News info graphics
Garden Centre Scamp
'Atlantic Tube' info graphic
'Hipnosis' invitation design
horse racing
CRM brochure cover
Logos Pharmaceuticals - poster
'Cafe' - interior 3D walk-through
Dyroach (and Dyant) magasine adverts
'Tone Ranger' - AT&T USA
Felix (cat food) illustrations
twins medical - Information Graphic
Aprovel medical advert
Crosse & Blackwell
Dyant Illustrations
Dancing Piggybank
EDGARS window illustrations