... Based on my extensive experience, I am once again teaching art and design  -

Including a comprehensive series on 'Graphic Design', through videos and downloadable PDF files -

These are comprehensive courses that will 'fast-track you into the world of Graphic Art.
you can of course email me if you have any queries: rossenrode@icloud.com

The first three 'Introduction' and 'Basics' videos below, are free to view or download...

as are a few others - however there are (nominal) charges for other videos...

Graphic Design -

the basics e-book to download

NB: The password you will need to view: ianos

more videos in this course >

Where the videos aren't free, you can 'rent' or 'buy'

You will ba asked to 'sign up' to 'our' site for access to the courses -

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You can sign up to this full course in Udemy, by clicking on this link below:


Below I have also included some 'free-to-view' 3D animated projects...