Below - a short montage of a recent 3D project for a TV documentary, to demonstrate archaeological findings in northern Ireland.This is a short montage of 'bites' from the full project... 

Below - 'Fly-through preview concept for a remodelled small English home - This is the downstairs (part 1) animation created and rendered in C4D

Left - a preview draft concept for a proposed 'lounge/reception area - created in Cinema 4D (2013)

A 'cafe lounge/bar' proposed concept -

Created and rendered with Cinema 4D and After Effects

Some preview snapshots from a 3D simulated hospital scene 'walk-through'.

For an interactive learning project.

Created and rendered with Cinema 4D

Right - a work in progress (December 2017) - 'Henllys Court House' (Wales) - Based on supplied existing archive plans, this will be an exterior and interior 'fly-through' proposed re-build... {Sketchup and Cinema 4D}

ITV news studio preview

Another 3D simulation 'news room scene' - for the ITV Health & Safety project