A small but varied selection of 3D models, made primarily with Cinema4D, SketchUp, ZBrush... with a couple of older ones made with Maya and Lightwave
(many were animated - see links...)
Cosmetic POS container - 3D visual
a Point-of-Sale concept cosmetic box - modelled and animated in C4D
Basal Ganglia accurate 3D model
Basal Ganglia accurate 3D modelled animation
HMRC 3D model and animation
snapshot from a 3D modelled animation for HMRC explainer videos I worked on
Johari Window
Johari Window animation - 3D model and animartion
3D Maze
Nelson Mandela
An 'accurate' commissioned 3D model for a jeweller to base his life-size bust of Nelson Mandela - I modelled this in ZBrush
PLM - Product Lifecycle Management a
snapshot from a complex 3D animation
Money Capsule 3D
For a feature on medicine costs - modelled in Maya
Fluke Copper Pro 3D model
Made for AT&T USA - for E-Learning
Fluke - AT&T 3D model
Another accurately detailed 3D model for AT&T USA - field training
AEMC 3731 - 3D model
Another detailed and accurate 3D model as part of the e-learning / training for AT&T USA. (These were all animated)
HST3000 - AT&T detailed 3D Model
Another accurate detailed 3D model for AT&T USA - to field training. (These were all made 'interactive' for simulated realism.
AT&T models
I modelled a number of accurate instruments for AT&T USA field e-learning / training projects
AT&T Tone Ranger
One of a series of accurate models made for AT&T USA - e-learning field training
Child Lock leaflet and animation
Child Lock leaflet and animation - click to view animation. (3D modelled)
prison 3D model
a generic 3D model of a prison - for EDS 'prison Services' project
Gaelic Moated Viiliage 3D
Snapshot form a 3D TV documentary project
InterPrime logo design
ID design - 3D animation of logo
See animation link
ADS logo - 3D animated
From the original logo I designed, I made the animated intro for the website
'Reception' interior 3D concept
a concept preview for a gym / hotel / reception / lounge
Design Central logo
Bowie 3D print
RNLI Dingy
An accurate and detailed 3D model for a maritime museum interactive feature
Alloy Canoe
Another in the series of detailed and accurate historical marine craft - for Falmouth Maritime Museum
Subaru rally car
An accurate 3D model of an Subaru Impreza rally car - made for a Scalextric limited edition
Premium label preview
combination of 2D and 3D concept preview for a series of drink labels
'Christmas Baking'
a 3D illustration for a Christmas baking promo
LIVE AID logo concept
LIVE AID logo concept - for News International - circa 2004
Ultramel Custard - 3D visual
Ultramel Custard - 3D visual - One of the series of 'Ultramel Dairy' pack designs I illustrated and made 3D visuals of.
'Panic Room' - 3D Info Graphic
another 3D info graphic for a newspaper article
Mega ice cream
combination 3D illustration for the promo launch of these products
hospital ward - 3D model
modelled for a distance learning module
'Cash Flow' - Info Graphic
'Cash Flow' - Info Graphic for a newspaper article
'Plastic Soldier' - 3D model
Based on a 3D model I was commissioned to make, this is a modified version I remodelled
3D model of British Soldier in plastic
- National Air Traffic Services
Promotional ad, brochure, DVD, online campaign for NATS
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Not just digital 3D - This was a plasticine 'chimp' I made for a stop-frame animation for my client: 'Western Province Cellars'
TV advert. These snapshots were from a preview of the project.
(circa 1990)
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Alloy Canoe

Another in the series of detailed and accurate historical marine craft - for Falmouth Maritime Museum