I know it is often preferred that one specialises in a style or genre, but for better or worse, over the years I am 'guilty' of not specialising.... I have modelled and animated in 3D for a range of projects, requests and commissions - These have included: education, motion, interiors, product visuals, packaging, architectural , medical, FX, training, health and safety, games...

My primary 3D applications are - Cinema4D and ZBrush, (with Houdini, X-Particles, Turbulence FD).

I have worked with Maya, Lightwave and others in the past...


revised animated logo - C4D

Short montage from various motion / animation projects - Cinema 4D and After Effects mainly...

Basal Ganglia - detailed medical animation

Packaging 3D animated visual

Internet of Things - MOOC trailer - C4D & After Effects

medical animation - C4D

montage of C4D and After Effects (kinetic) clips

Product installation animated instruction


modeled in Maya for - Merck, Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals